Professional Photography

Professional photography may seem like a luxury but if you want your house to stand out from the crowd then Cairns Property Office is able to help.

Cairns Property Office has approved photographers who are able to make your house look the best it can be.

The proof can be clearly seen:

Agent Photo
Professional Photo
Agent Photo
Professional Photo
Agent Photo
Professional Photo

Photography Checklist

As part of our exceptional customer service we now offer an in-house professional photographer to market your home so it will look its best on websites, window cards, flyers and the Realtor.

To make sure your home presents in the best possible way, here is a checklist to prepare your property for our photographer.


  • tidy yard (pick up fallen palm fronds, mow lawn, etc)
  • remove pool toys / creepy crawly
  • contain any pets
  • straighten outdoor furniture
  • remove any excess clutter
  • remove / hide wheelie bins, lawn mowers, hoses, wheelbarrows, etc
  • pressure clean driveway, gutters, etc


  • remove bins
  • clear away tea towels
  • clear away pet bowls
  • put away any clean / dirty dishes
  • remove any clutter from bench tops
  • remove any clutter from front and top of fridge
  • clean bench tops and floors


  • make beds (smooth sheets)
  • pick up any loose items of clothing / shoes
  • clean up any clutter from shelves, floor, bedside tables, etc
  • clear away any excess toys in children's bedrooms


  • put out clean towels
  • clean away any clutter from sink, bath, shower
  • tidy away any personal cleaning products (shampoo, bubble bath, etc)
  • clean sinks, baths, showers and floors
  • remove bins
  • lid of toilets down

Living Areas

  • pick up any clutter
  • tidy / remove kids toys
  • tidy / straighten lounge room chairs, cushions
  • put away iron / ironing board
  • clear away any cleaning products (mops, brooms, buckets, etc)

Please check all light bulbs (inside & out) are in working order.

** fresh flowers are always welcome **

If you have any queries regarding the photography of your home please don't hesitate to contact your agent.

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